Health, Well-being and Productivity in Commercial – The Impact of Green Buildings on People and Profit

  • December 10, 2017

1. The Environment Is Not Something “Out There”; it’s Where We Live & Work Can a company be environmentally conscious and still make money? That might seem like a strange question, given that many of the most vigorous opponents of environmental regulations seem to come from the business world. But the experience of the UAE,

Workplace Technology

  • November 06, 2017

Creating activity based spaces that encourage employee engagement and collaboration via seamless technological integration continues to shape the workplace However, in the 2016 Dell and Intel Future Workforce Study, 44% of employees are of the view that their workplace is not “smart” enough. Additionally, more than 50% of employees expect to be engaged in “smart”

Collaboration with External Partners is Key to Success

  • November 06, 2017

What is collaboration in business? The definition of collaboration from the Oxford Dictionary is “The action of working with someone to produce something.” But in business, it is more likely to be working with someone outside your team, and potentially with different expertise to achieve a common goal or product. Organisations are now reaching beyond