• Published on November 12, 2015

Managing Director for Summertown Interiors, Marcos Bish, recently visited the Milan Expo 2015 as part of the Dubai Chamber of Commerce’s UAE delegation.

‘Feeding the planet, energy for life’ was the theme for the expo and the UAE pavilion embraced this theme, telling the story of the challenges that the UAE has faced with it’s increasing population, and continuing to ensure that the UAE plays it’s part in creating a sustainable future. The structure of the pavilion once the expo 2015 has finished will be de-constructed and relocated to its permanent home in Masdar City, allowing the residents and visitors to the UAE to visit and learn more about the UAE’s ambitious plans on the run up to the Dubai Expo 2020.
The Milan Expo 2015 was a great opportunity to meet and network with other members of the UAE business community and provided firsthand insight into how businesses can play a part to support the UAE as we head towards Dubai Expo 2020.

25 million visitors are estimated to visit Dubai over the course of the expo, which opens on 21st October 2020 and runs until 10th April 2021. There will be over 200 countries expected to participate, and over 250,000 jobs will be created as a result of the expo. This will provide a major boost for the economy (US$ 13 billion GDP increase estimated between 2014 and 2021) and will help to put Dubai in the spotlight on the global stage, showcasing Dubai as a leader for hosting major international events. It will also force countries to look to the UAE as a key player, driving economic growth in the region.

As a fit out contractor in Dubai, the expo should bring many exciting business opportunities to the region. It is expected that 700,000 m2 of pavilions and 500,000 m2 of permanent structures will be constructed for the event. Summertown expects to be able to participate in supporting the UAE by bringing our own expertise of sustainable fit out and collaborating with other partners to deliver pavilions/structures at that meet the sustainable criteria of the expo. We are entering into exciting times – all organizations, especially SME’s such as ourselves, will have the opportunity to leverage the expo to form partnerships with other businesses. There will also be the opportunity to develop partnerships with larger businesses whom look to establish local partner networks in the region.