Abu Dhabi Womens College Library

  • Client

    Abu Dhabi Womens College

  • Sector

    Healthcare & Education

  • Designer


  • Project Value

    AED 4 Million

  • Size

    1500 sqm

  • Location

    Abu Dhabi

  • Duration

    10 weeks

Project Description

Summertown completed the renovation of a 1500 sq meter library to realize HCT’s vision of leadership in education through creating an advanced learning environment for its students, shifting much of its resources to the digital age. Incorporating the latest technology including LCD feature walls and communication pods to promote centralized online learning, resources were housed by custom made units in a bright open plan environment.

Summertown is a veteran within the educational sector giving the advantage of foreseeing pitfalls ahead of time, easing the client’s journey and having solutions at the ready saving precious clients’ time.