• Published on August 04, 2013

Summertown Interiors is well on its way to achieving new sustainability milestones thanks to its recently introduced integrated approach to CSR. As part of its CSR programme, Summertown initiated an environmental audit of six chief areas and is already implementing measures to reduce daily water consumption by at least 50% per employee.

An audit of seven “water zones” at Summertown’s headquarters in Jebel Ali revealed that re-landscaping just a small section of the outdoor area would reduce water consumption by a massive 4,700 litres per day, shrinking the company’s operational costs by approx. AED 15,000 a year.   Summertown is now in the process of re-designing this area. Coupled with its existing water-saving measures such as installing leak detection systems, replacing single flush toilets with dual flush systems and low flow water faucets, Summertown’s water usage is estimated to decrease from 178 litres to 98  litres per employee per day.

For Summertown, evolving its existing sustainability initiatives into company-wide policy has been key to integrating CSR effectively across the organisation. Every employee is now responsible for achieving office-greening goals as well as broader business and societal objectives with their performance directly linked to CSR results.

Marcos Bish, Managing Director of Summertown Interiors, explains: “Sustainability has always been at the forefront of our business operations. Last year we started working towards a long-term sustainability goal of becoming carbon neutral by 2020, but we wanted our community contribution to go beyond environmental savings. That’s when we reviewed our business operations and internal processes to make CSR the responsibility of every employee. We believe CSR is not about creating more work; it’s about changing the way you do things.”

“Social responsibility is not just about being environmentally friendly or charitable. It is about improving responsibility on all levels and towards all stakeholders whether customers, partners, employees or the community. Summertown’s CSR approach empowers every employee to contribute to achieving the company’s objectives with all results linked to individual performance.  We believe that you don’t need enormous budgets or new employees to introduce CSR – our approach can work for all organisations, whether large or small.”