• Published on June 10, 2016

By Benedict Brenninkmeijer, student, University of St Andrews

How did I end up working for Summertown Interiors?

The process started when I decided to take time out from my studies at the University of St Andrews to attain first-hand experience within the sustainability industry.  My course, Sustainable Development, is extremely broad and is going to take me five years to complete in total. After two and a half years, at my half way point in 2015, I started to worry about how I would be able to apply the theory I was learning into practise.  Taking a leap of faith, I put my studies on hold from December so that I could embark on an internship to gain the industry experience I craved.

So why Dubai?

I had lived there as a young child in the 90’s and have always been fascinated by the way the city had progressed in such a short space of time. At University, I did a case study on Masdar City in Abu Dhabi, ‘the world’s most sustainable eco-city’, and this further sparked my interest on the region.  While researching Masdar City, I came across Masdar Institute of Science and Technology and found that interestingly, Summertown Interiors had completed some of their offices – this is what led me to get in touch with the company as I thought what better way to learn more about Masdar City and other projects in the rest of the UAE than to work for Summertown Interiors.

What did you work on?

I applied and succeeded to get the opportunity to intern with Summertown Interiors for a six-week period. I was tasked to help the team with the integration of the recent processes defined for the company as part of their recent completion of LEED for Existing Buildings: Operations and Maintenance (LEED EBOM), the certification for the ongoing operations and maintenance of existing commercial and institutional buildings.

Specifically, my focus was to assist with the Facility Management and Procurement areas. In order for the project to be a success, LEED EBOM would need to be viewed as a core component of business operations and not as a standalone extra task to be completed. To facilitate seamless integration of these sustainability practices I had to learn more of Summertown Interior’s ISO process driven operations.

After gaining a familiarity with LEED EBOM and the ISO system, I worked alongside key team members to propose changes to existing ISO processes that would address the demands of LEED EBOM.

Any highlights?

The Summertown team gave me their full support – I was able to have access to all departments and through meetings with department heads, I gained an amazing insight into the inner workings of the business. With my background as a Sustainable Development student, Summertown Interiors was also eager for me have external meetings, to give me a better understanding of what is being done in Dubai and the rest of the UAE to achieve the country’s sustainability goals.

I was fortunate enough to meet on a number of occasions with the Dubai Chamber of Commerce and learn more about their efforts to support the widespread adoption of sustainability and CSR practices throughout the GCC region. Additionally, it was fantastic to have been part of the Summertown Interiors team when it was awarded the Dubai Chamber’s CSR label for the fourth year running.

Another interesting meeting that took place was with the Sustainability Manager at Brookfield Multiplex – a global contracting and development company. It was brilliant to be given further insight into what large multinational organisations are doing to support green design and build in the region.

In my final week I was fortunate enough to take a tour of Masdar City with one of Summertown Interior’s team members to learn more about the initiatives and technologies the city already had in operation and their vision for the future. To take a ride on the automated PRT system around Masdar City was really exciting and felt like something from a sci-fi movie.

What have you learnt?

Looking back over my time at Summertown Interiors I am so grateful for all of the experience I was able to garner and take back to Scotland with me. I surpassed my initial goal of understanding more about how sustainability works within a business context and was fortunate enough to learn from one that is pioneering the way for the green movement in the UAE.

I have developed professionally with my written and oral communication skills, my networking capabilities and analysis capabilities. I have also developed personally, gaining an insight into what life is like as an expat, living by myself, driving to work in Jebel Ali everyday and making some amazing friendships along the way.