• Published on June 18, 2013

Summertown recently opened its doors to a selected number of key figures from the A & D community to take part in a Green in Action Breakfast Workshop: ‘How can we educate our clients to become greener, save on operating costs, and improve their carbon footprint’.

Marcos Bish and Heidi Demuynck led the discussion covering topics such as LEED vs Estidama, the economical benefits to clients, and demonstrated how much we ourselves managed to save.
‘It was great to open our doors to leading design companies and to be able to have such an open discussion and hear various view points.  From our side, as a fit out contractor we see ourselves as being very much involved in the process of executing a green interior and making sure that all the required elements will meet criteria inline with the clients chosen accreditation’ says Marcos Bish, Managing Director, Summertown Interiors.

Heidi Demuynck adds ‘Designers are facing real challenges when clients specify a green project must be delivered.  Many fit out contractors are not experienced in this field and as a result, clients are facing the prospect of having to make a choice between accepting increased delays to get a green project or accept a conventional project to hit deadlines.  Knowledge sharing is key to help the industry move forward and get more companies up to speed and experienced in this field, whilst encouraging our clients to adopt a more sustainable approach to their business’.
If you would like to attend one of Summertown’s Green in Action workshops, please contact Head Office on +971 4 805 3300 or email us.