As part of Summertown’s Employee Wellness Program, the Company hosted a Holistic Health and Breathing Session earlier this month for its staff members.

The program addresses how career wellbeing is closely entwined with daily life and experiences, and by sharing tips on how to manage daily stress factors, companies can support the overall wellbeing of their team members. By undertaking simple exercises, the session taught participants how to strengthen concentration, memory and to improve the ability take effective decisions, provide continuous self motivation and increase the threshold of stress and manage anxiety.

New research indicates that companies who empower the overall wellbeing of employees both at the workplace and at home, there is a measurable positive impact. Studies show that high employee wellbeing improves productivity, satisfaction, teamwork and ultimately a company’s bottom line. Individual productivity rises by nearly 20%, job satisfaction doubles and employees are driven to deliver work that makes a difference.

Summertown’s HR manager states “Since we embarked on our wellness program, we have seen a dramatic improvement in employee satisfaction, team morale and ultimately longevity of our team members. Over 40% of our team has been with the company for more than 5 years, which is fantastic for the company”.

So, whilst apples and motivational posters are nice – look at the overall impact that a focused approach can do for your company, and aim to build a program that addresses the demands of today’s workplace environment. You won’t regret it!