Summertown Interiors embraces sustainability in every aspect of the business. We strongly believe that a company cannot be sustainable unless employees at all levels share this vision and are committed to achieving it.

Since we embarked on our CSR journey, we have reaped the benefits. We were the first in our industry to achieve LEED Gold certification for our interiors, and in 2016, we achieved another first in our industry – LEED Gold certification for our existing building; operations and maintenance (LEED EBOM). Not only have we made tangible operational savings, but our employees come to work with a real sense of purpose, which positively impacts productivity and has cemented our reputation as a market leader.

With a mission to improve both project deliverables and industry best practice in relation to sustainability. You can view our progress in achieving our sustainability goals in our Sustainability Reports.

Our JOURNEY2030 sustainability goals that underpin our sustainability strategy are:




Under our DELIVER 100% SUSTAINABLE PROJECTS goal we now offer all clients with projects over 2,000sqm free LEED certified level certification and free ECO-SSI certification for all projects under 2,000sqm. Contact us today to find out more.

Download Our Sustainability Reports

Our annual sustainability reports detail our performance against the topics and issues that we believe matter most to our business and our stakeholders.


Why go green?

As humans, we spend 90% of our time inside. Buildings have become our habit. But did you know that in the developed world, buildings account for 39% of CO² emissions? As green buildings use on average 36% less energy than conventional buildings, isn’t it time that we all considered the switch to a greener environment?

By occupying a green interior, you will use less energy, less water, and will be doing your bit to contribute to reducing the negative impact we are having on the environment.

By using less water and less energy, you will also improve your company’s bottom line by reducing your operational costs.

From a corporate perspective, your company’s reputation will soar which will enable you to attract and retain the best employees from your industry.

Green is not just a trend – it is a corporate lifestyle.

Not only do we have expertise on delivering green projects for our clients – we are also able to showcase our own office premises and demonstrate a live example of how companies can enjoy the benefits of occupying a green interior. If you would like to know more. Get in touch to join one of our ‘Green in Action’ workshops.