Summertown on track to achieve 50% water savings per employee

  • August 04, 2013

Summertown Interiors is well on its way to achieving new sustainability milestones thanks to its recently introduced integrated approach to CSR. As part of its CSR programme, Summertown initiated an environmental audit of six chief areas and is already implementing measures to reduce daily water consumption by at least 50% per employee. An audit of

Summertown welcomes key A & D personnel for discussion

  • June 18, 2013

Summertown recently opened its doors to a selected number of key figures from the A & D community to take part in a Green in Action Breakfast Workshop: ‘How can we educate our clients to become greener, save on operating costs, and improve their carbon footprint’. Marcos Bish and Heidi Demuynck led the discussion covering

Office fit outs in UAE opt for readymade modular furniture over bespoke joinery

  • June 10, 2013

As office design in the UAE shifts towards more open plan, activity-based layouts, demand for readymade modular furniture is increasing as the market is showing clear signs of  moving away from fixed bespoke joinery items in favour of more flexible off-the-shelf furniture. “Five years ago custom joinery represented 18% of our project scope, now it