Ahrend Healthcare Studio

  • Client

    Royal Ahrend

  • Sector


  • Designer

    Massa Design

  • Size

    112 sqm

  • Location

    Dutch Design Center, Dubai Design District

Project Description

Located in Dutch Design Center in the heart of the Dubai Design District (d3), Royal Ahrend, an international leader in office furniture sought Summertown to fit out their first global Ahrend healthcare innovation and inspiration studio.

Designed by Massa Design, the state-of-the-art healthcare studio was designed to enable healthcare providers to experience and see;

  • – A fully functional interior environment that meets all the demanding healthcare requirements and regulations,
  • – Establish an innovative and timeless space complying with the wellbeing design principles,
  • – Improve healthcare design-oriented solutions for that meet today’s patient’s demands
  • – Showcase the latest equipment and sustainable materials


  • Summertown collaborated closely with Ahrend, Massa Design and around 20 different healthcare equipment and material suppliers to execute the studio fit out.  The studio encompasses a waiting and reception area, separate meeting room and Doctor’s office. It also incorporates a fully-fitted patient room with caregiver zone.


  • The integration of wood and solid surfaces was established to create a space that is warm and welcoming, yet easy to clean and maintain. The patient areas have been carefully detailed with curved corners and rounded edges, creating a smooth transition of surfaces and eliminating hard to clean corners and the possibility for bacteria growth. Within the cabinetry, necessary medical supplies and medical equipment for the simulated exam room and patient room are discreetly integrated. The patient areas are equipped with state-of-the-art equipment, including a fully adjustable bed by Linet, a fully ergonomic patient monitor and a vital sign stand by Humanscale Healthcare.


  • “The studio is the first global Ahrend Healthcare Studio and we extremely excited to showcase both Royal Ahrend furniture, and leading global medical equipment and healthcare material suppliers in one location.” Says Mr Ahmad Zaarouri, Regional Healthcare Manager Royal Ahrend.


  • The new permanent healthcare studio will also act as a knowledge and training center. To visit the new Ahrend healthcare studio please contact us or Royal Ahrend  +971 (0) 56 460 2960.